We have the background, training, personnel and experience to assist you with the following Cleanroom work.

Our crews can install all of our equipment if your facilities group is too busy with other projects.

We have extensive experience with modular aluminum wall and ceiling systems from most major manufacturers. Modular cleanrooms and components can be installed, retrofitted and upgraded by our crew.

HEPA filters
HEPA filter change-outs For laminar flow hoods and biocabinets, ducted modules, plenum style and gel-seal are all done effectively and quickly by our staff.

Vinyl Curtain Systems
Cleanroom vinyl curtain systems can be installed, upgraded and expanded.

Our crews can provide even the most demanding certification requirements. Federal Standard 209-E, IES-RP-CC standards, NSF, OSHA, Custom application testing. If you have a unique application we can achieve the data you need.

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