209Technologies excels at meeting all of your Cleanroom requirements in BioTech, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, Disk Drive and Nanotechnolgy industries.

With extensive experience in Certification, Test, Construction and Service, 209Technologies is your Ultimate Cleanroom Resource!

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Cleanroom Certification and Testing

We provide cleanroom certification and testing according to required standards and regulations: ISO 14644-2, Federal Standard 209B-E, I.E.S-RP CC.0006, NSF-49, OSHA. We also provide custom equipment evaluations.

Whether you need consultation, monitoring, filter installation,  testing, construction or repair, 209Technologies provides the results you need to keep your business running smoothly
Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

Biological Safety Cabinet Certification requires the  level of expertise provided by 209Technologies. We perform BioSafety Cabinet Certfication to the NSF-49 Standard.
Prefabricated Modular Cleanrooms

If you are looking to quickly build a new cleanroom, we can provide the cost-effective quality results you require with our prefabricated modular cleanrooms.
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